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Top 5 Clitoral Vibrators

Posted by Nicole 17/11/2017 0 Comment(s)

Top 5 Sex Toys for Clitoral Stimulation


When it comes to female masturbation most women know their clitoris holds the key – sensitive and responsive to the touch, the clitoris really is the ultimate pleasure button, and lets face it – who doesn’t want to experience pleasure?


Gently stimulating the clitoris can lead to amazingly explosive orgasms that can last for up to half a minute at a time, and even better you can orgasm time after time leaving you fully satisfied.


So whether you’re alone having some fun ‘you’ time or with a partner, Kinky Fever has a clitoris stimulator for everyone. To help you choose the best toy for you we’ve put together our favourite top 5 clitoral toys:


1 : Satisfyer Pro2 USB Rechargeable Clitoral Stimulator

Satisfyer Pro2 USB Rechargeable Clitoral Stimulator

Let the pressure waves of the Satisfier Pro 2 clitoral stimulator wash over you and take you to the orgasm of your dreams – this might just be the best orgasm you’ve ever had! This little beauty will gently pulsate and suckle at your clit, closely mimicking the sensation of oral sex, giving you a mind blowing experience. With its 11 levels of intensity you can enjoy the fun over and over.


This new model is quieter than its predecessor meaning you can enjoy a more discreet play time and is fully rechargeable – no more replacing the batteries. The Satisfyer Pro 2 is also fully waterproof so you can have fun in the bath or shower too.


2 : Klittra Self Lubricating Clitoral Vibrator

Klittra Self Lubricating Clitoral Vibrator

This self-lubricating vibrator has 3 functions and 2 levels of intensity destined to pleasure your clit. You just fill the reservoir with your favourite lube and get rolling to tease and tantalise you on your way to a wonderful orgasmic experience.


Its perfectly discreet design means it will look right at home in your bathroom, on your dressing table or even your handbag – you won’t need to worry about being found out! The sensations of the Klittra Self-Lubricating Clitoral Vibrator are bound to satisfy and please and it’s rechargeable too – what more could a girl want?


3 : Fifty Shades of Grey Sweet Touch Mini Clitoral Vibrator

Sweet Touch Mini Clitoral Vibrator

This powerful mini-vibe will excite and stimulate you to a fantastic orgasm leaving you fully satisfied. It is uniquely designed with a hooded top and has 10 speeds and patterns of amazingness!


It’s fully waterproof so can be used in the shower or bath for a playful wash-time treat. It will arrive with free batteries so you won’t need to pop to the shop before getting started!


4 : Fifty Shades Freed Desire Blooms Clitoral Vibrator

Fifty Shades Freed Desire Blooms Rechargeable Clitoral Vibrator

From the Fifty Shades Freed Collection this clitoral vibrator is made fom silky smooth silicone, so is very comfortable to use and makes cleaning easy and hygienic. It is shaped like a petal to fit perfectly with the contours of your body to deliver luxuriously sensual sensations again and again.


The petal sits comfortably in your hand and has easy to use controls. It has 7 patterns and 3 speeds of pleasurable vibrations which means you are sure to find an intensity level just right for you. The petal is fully waterproof so is an excellent choice for water play and it’s rechargeable too.


Delivered boxed, it comes with its own storage pouch so is a perfect gift for the one you love. It also has a travel lock feature for peace of mind when on the move. Kinky Fever consider this clit vibe the No.1 ‘take anywhere’  toy.


5 : Rocks Off RO 80mm 7 Function Bullet Vibrator Pink

Rocks Off Bullet Pink

This powerful bullet vibe, measuring 80mm in length is perfect for discreet self pleasure whenever and wherever you want it.


It is small enough to be stored in your bag or pocket for those horny, fun times away from home. It has 7 settings of delightfully stimulating vibrations so you will always find a level to suit your mood. Its smooth tapered tip will pin-point your most sensitive areas and excite you to orgasm whenever you’re ready.


This waterproof bullet vibe is supplied with batteries so is ready to go whenever the occasion arises.


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