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Why you should be wearing sexier underwear

Posted by Nicole 20/01/2018 0 Comment(s)

Why you should be wearing sexier underwear


Beautiful lace teddy underwear


Women who wear lingerie are desirable. That much is obvious. All you have to do is Google ‘women in lingerie’ to see the hundreds of thousands of results that pop up. However, what does wearing sexy lingerie do for the wearer?


Good fitting, sexy underwear can give a woman confidence. Whether she’s running errands in a t-shirt and jeans, or going to work in a power suit, knowing she looks great underneath will give her the confidence to deal with anything that comes her way. God help whoever dares cross a woman who has gorgeous lingerie on.


While most people assume that a woman will wear lingerie in order to arouse her partner, sometimes a woman will just wear it for herself. Most good quality underwear will be made from satin, silk or lace and a woman will love the way this feels on her skin. It’s designed to feel nice when the woman’s partner touches it, so why wouldn’t it feel nice for the wearer? A lot of women have skin which is sensitive to the way things feel, so feeling this lovely fabric  on their body all day will definitely have a slightly arousing effect.


It’s a little, naughty secret. Having sexy underwear or lingerie on can help make a woman feel a bit naughtier, because it’s something only she knows about. She can go about her day completely normally, and no one will be any the wiser. However, she will know that she has suspenders on, or a flirty garter, or even a sexy corset and she will feel like the most powerful woman in the world. It’s a little secret she has with herself, which can make her feel sexier, flirtier and more confident. And who doesn’t want to feel like that?

Very Sexy lace body suite with open crotch lingerie


If you don’t wear sexy underwear because you think you don’t have the figure for it, or if you’re single and think no one will even see it – whatever the reason that you don’t wear sexy underwear, we’re here to tell you that you’re wrong. We don’t like to say it but in this case it’s true. If you have a figure – of any shape or size, then you have the figure for lingerie.


At Kinky Fever, we like to think that as long as you have a body, then you have the body for lingerie. Forget about all the lumps and bumps that you hate – good lingerie will make you forget all about this and embrace your inner sex goddess.


If you’re single, who cares? Wear it for yourself and you will feel ten times better. You will feel confident and attractive and men will flock to you just because you’re radiating so much sex appeal. Even if you’re not looking then it’s nice to feel that good about yourself every once in a while.



Hopefully, we have convinced you that sexy lingerie isn’t just for having sex in. Wear it whenever you feel like it, and wear it with pride! Have a look at our lingerie collection to find something that will release your inner goddess and get ready to start ruling the world.